Commercial Paint repair

We handle the painting and restoration of both residential and commercial properties. We use high-quality paint brands. This means, when we are done, you will be impressed with the new look of your property.

Why should you paint your business?

Painting your business can also be an exciting activity for the home owner. You will have a thrill going through the various colour schemes available. We can aid you to make the right choices too. Painting your home improves the look and gives it a modern look that will make your property stand out in your neighbourhood. We have listed some benefits of painting your home below;  The increase in real estate value- the market value of well-painted properties has been known to increase remarkably. You can get better deals when you wish to sell your home in future. The curb appeal appreciates- a well-painted exterior makes your home stand out from the rest. Your home will look urbanised and very classy after a good painting job. Painting protects the exterior surfaces- the exteriors parts of your home will be protected from damage caused by insects (termites) or the growth of moulds and grime when the surfaces are properly painted. The painting also prevents the accumulation of dirt on the exterior part of your property.  Painting protects the interior surfaces in your home- well painted interior surfaces will be protected from dust, wear and tear, marks and stains. After painting, grease, gum and other contaminants would have been eliminated from the interior surfaces within your home.  Painting masks errors- professional painters can effectively hide errors and mistakes with a good painting job. Your visitors will never know the difference when a good job has been done.  Painting prolongs the lifespan of your sidings- this is true, painted sidings last longer than those left unpainted and exposed to harsh weather conditions.  The good part about doing an excellent paint job is that it brings in more business from referrals. This is why we never compromise on quality when carrying out painting jobs. Our painters have been properly trained to professionally use high-quality products like Sherwin Williams™ & Spectrum™ paint brands to impress our clients.



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