Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Some surfaces should be cleaned by using high pressure washers. It is perfect for cleaning and protecting hard surfaces when done properly.

Harsh weather conditions like winter and intense heat can affect the appearance of those surfaces and the exterior parts of your homes surfaces. Pressure cleaning uses the force of pressurized water to remove the build-up of moulds and dirt from surfaces.

Renew Outdoor Cleaning &Services recommends high pressure cleaning services for the cleaning of hard surface such as concrete, pavers, outdoor tiles, and roofs. After the wash, these places will look very appealing. Pressure cleaning is quick and very efficient. There will be a remarkable difference when the before washing and after washing are compared.

For our Pressure washing services, we avoid the use of harsh chemicals which could deface the appearance of your property. We work quickly and effectively to ensure that when you come back in the evening, there will be an instant smile of gratitude on your face.

Why should you use pressure washing services?

Different types of dirt or moulds will need to be removed without a trace that they were ever there. This is what power cleaning does. All the grime and other unwanted stuff like sand, moss, algae left behind by the winter on your concrete surfaces,driveway or pavements will be removed after a pressure clean.

Pressure Cleaning Brick Houses and weatherboard houses

The external walls of your house are hardly avoidable so it is important that they are kept clean always. Let our team of professional cleaners at Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services handle the cleaning of your siding and brick houses, we have the right equipment and all the necessary materials to perform a quick and effective job. Our cleaning services will begin in the early hours of the day and by the early afternoon we would have your home looking exceptionally clean again.

At Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services, our cleaners will first carry out an assessment of the job to be done before choosing to use either hand wash techniques or our pressure cleaning services.

Pressure cleaning Concrete & Driveways

As part of the proper maintenance for your home, it is recommended that pressurecleaning should be used to clean out the horizontal surfaces in and around your property. This will prevent the build-up of grime while increasing the aesthetic appearance of your property.  Regular cleaning of your side walk, all walk ways, patio, and decks is a very good maintenance. These places are prone to becoming dirty, and the dirt can quickly build up to become a nuisance to you and your neighbours.

The best part about our services is that we will carry out these cleaning services at an affordable rate. Contact Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services today if you have any questions or to book an appointment. Give us a call at 0405 621 727.



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