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Are there any windows or glass panels on your property that are hard to reach? Or you simply cannot find the time to clean such a large glass surface and need someone to take the load off your back? Then get in touch with Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services.

For years we have been delivering residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services to our loyal clients in Sydney, the Hills District, Central Coast and Gosford, and Newcastle. Since the moment the ribbon was cut and we waited for that first client call, we vowed to offer unmatched quality of cleaning services and unsurpassed customer service.

This devotion both to our work and clients who we treat with the highest respect enabled us to grow. Now we cover a wide area and offer a wide range of cleaning services – from exterior house cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, detailed sandstone, concrete, and other hard surface washing, to the window cleaning in Koolewong, and beyond!
Don’t think that glass can get spotless clean? Think again! We have the tools and skills to do it, and we’ll do it efficiently in record time, at a low cost!

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning in Koolewong

Though we started small, Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services managed to grow in terms of client base and range of services we offer. Today, we can promise quality window cleaning in Koolewong to our residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We have all it takes to handle the cleaning of any glass surface the right way.

It is quite natural, in commercial and industrial spaces, to struggle with cleaning hard to reach windows, or large glass surfaces – that’s where we jump in. It’s not just that we have the experience, we have the tools and equipment that a job if this size requires. Without them, this may waste a lot of your time and, in the end, deliver unsatisfactory results.

Solution for All Your Window Cleaning Problems

If you are still debating whether or not we are the right team to perform window cleaning in Koolewong that your home, office, or warehouse is in dire need of, check out the list of window types we can clean:

  • Single pane
  • Double Pane
  • French Pane
  • Skylights
  • Glass Panels
  • Solarium’s

And the list doesn’t end here! Our experts are trained to clean both interior and exterior parts of windows, no matter how difficult they might be to reach. We’ll arrive with proper window cleaning equipment that will allow us to make the windows look as good as new!

Cleaning with Care and Attention to Detail

Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services cleaning methods include the use of a good applicator and squeegee, soft water and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are specially designed to make the window spotless without causing any damage to the glass surface. Naturally, we will pay equal attention to window panels and frames!

Our professional team also ensures not to damage the surrounding area – that’s why all of our window cleaning is done by hand. We don’t want to damage the walls and then do more damage than good. In case there’s furniture nearby, we’ll either relocate it or cover it completely to avoid messing it up in any way.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Windows

We are at your service to perform window cleaning in Koolewong as often as you wish. Still, it is our duty to advise you to schedule professional window cleaning at least once a year. Windows are not only exposed to all atmospheric conditions and harsh weather. Hard minerals, oxidative compounds, and environmental pollutants can all have a devastating effect on the glass surface and the window frame – unfortunately, this is something that is often not evident until it is too late.

Get your windows cleaned regularly and prolong their lifespan! The stress of replacing damaged windows is too great and can put a strain on your budget. Make a small annual investment in professional window cleaning in Koolewong and save a ton of money (and time) long-term.

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