Concrete and Hard Surfaces Cleaning

Let Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services take the back ache out of keeping your concrete and other hard sufaces clean. Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services has the right equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Concrete and some outdoor tiles such as terracotta,are pourous surfaces that need regular cleaning. Without such the build up of dirt, oil, pets urine and faeces, mould and lichens and other polluatnts will penetrate the surface and can cause staining and break down the structural integrity of the surface. Cleaning regularly is the fastest and safest way of preventing this.

For Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services pressure cleaning your concrete driveway, tiled patio and pool surrounds is easy.

Step 1: Asses the area to be cleaned.

Step 2: Spray with an environmentally friendly detergent.

Step3: Pressure clean with our industrial strength pressure cleaners.

Step 4: Rinse off and tidy work site.

In fact once we have completed the work on your premises you will be so impressed at how easy we make it look, you’ll never spend your whole day Saturday pressure cleaning with that electric pressure cleaner again. Once we have finished cleaning your outdoor area your driveway and tiles areas will look as good as new.

Ask us about our range of clear and coloured concrete sealers, which will help prevent the build up of grime, oil and other pollutants from your outdoor area.



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