Window Cleaning Services

The windows on every property are exposed to a lot of conditions that mostly leave them dirty. Renew Outdoor Cleaning & Services will undertake the cleaning of your windows, skylights and glass panels on a regular basis.

Our window cleaning services will leave your windows looking very clean and spotless. Reaching windows is not a problem for our cleaning team; we use the innovative carbon fibre extension poles and ladders that can reach every window on your property. Having your windows cleaned by us makes a lot of difference.

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Our window cleaning experts have been trained to handle the cleaning of residential properties. Our team of cleaners now exactly what to do, all you are required to do is let us in. we will clean your windows with care, leaving them spotlessly clean. Now your home can get enough sunlight because the windows will always be clean.

Why Use a Window Cleaning & Washing Service?

The stress of replacing worn out windows is enough to make every home owner get serious about taking care of their windows. Regularly cleaning your windows is a small task when the efforts to replace faulty windows are considered.

Windows exposed to hard minerals, excessive rain, oxidative compounds or environmental pollutants will need to be cleaned often as a way of prolonging the lifespan.

We have all it takes to handle the professional cleaning of your windows. The factors mentioned above and many more will be taken into consideration while we do our job. Your windows will be very well taken care of to prevent them from wear.

Our window cleaning services cover the following types

We are the professional window cleaners. Our services are effective for cleaning the following types of windows; single pane, double pane, French pane, skylights, glass panels, solariums etc. we have the right equipment to clean the glass on windows and the panels that hold them together.

Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning

Our technicians have been trained to clean both the interior and exterior parts of your windows. You might be wondering what method of cleaning we use while rendering this service. We will clean your windows using a good applicator and the squeegee methods. We also use soft water and biodegradable cleaning solutions specially developed to make the cleaned window shine. Our cleaning methods will be applied to cleaning the panels and window frames.

Cleaning the window interior is done carefully by hand. Our cleaners manually clean the interior parts of your window, and they will be careful not to mess up your walls. If there is any furniture obstructing the path to your windows, they will be carefully moved aside to have access to your windows.

We also schedule window cleaning as often as the customer desires but we try to ensure that it should be done annually. We can devise a wonderful schedule for you to ensure that your windows are looking good and clean all through the year. We also offer bundle services( which are cheaper) to include our other services like gutter cleaning, pressure washing, house washing and window cleaning in a convenient way for our customers. You won’t need to keep monitoring the cleaning plan; we will do this for you and notify you when it is time to come in with our cleaning equipment.

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